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"Music With A Message That Matters!"®

About "Asthma Blues" ®

I am Al Keith, a respiratory therapist of 30 years, musician of 51 years, and the creator of "Asthma Blues"®. After watching my daughter, Adrienne, live for only seven weeks after her premature birth, I went back to school to become a neonatal respiratory therapist. My passions, music and patient education related to lung health are the impetus behind "Asthma Blues"®. "Asthma Blues"® is my innovative and evidence-based asthma education program that equips patients and families with tools to manage asthma and improve their asthma knowledge. "Asthma Blues"® uses the science of music and learning to deliver the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelines for asthma management.

The original "Asthma Blues"® CD translates the patient education goals (Section 3, Component 2) of the EPR-3 into music and delivers five of the six key priority messages from the Guidelines Implementation Panel (GIP) Report. "Asthma Blues"® addresses and amplifies a core theme of the GIP Report: communication.

I am proud to have presented  B.B. King, "The King of The Blues," with an original "Asthma Blues"®  CD. 

My brand new lung health education CD, "Asthma Blues"® II, will bring fresh and exciting music to the "Asthma Blues"® library that addresses subject matter such as: secondhand smoke, smoking prevention, risk and danger of anaphylaxis related to an existing asthma or allergy diagnosis, asthma control, and the importance of a personal asthma action plan.

Asthma Blues

Al Keith and BB King

The New "Asthma Blues II"®  CD is here!

CTK Clinical Consultants, LLC is excited to announce the release of "Asthma Blues II"®. This is the brand new addition to our powerful music-based asthma education series that empowers and equips patients and families with the necessary tools to manage and control asthma.

"Asthma Blues"® II will add fresh, informative and evidence-based music to the "Asthma Blues"® educational library. Our innovative educational music delivers key concepts that improve asthma knowledge and promote general lung health through the science of music and learning. The success of our signature CD and book, "Asthma Blues" ®, built the foundation for our new educational initiative, "Asthma Blues II"®.
The "Asthma Blues"® study results showed a 58% increase in asthma knowledge and self-management skills!
Respiratory Care Education Annual
Volume 22, Fall 2013, 45-48

Asthma Blues II Album Cover

"Asthma Blues II"® addresses:

  • The Asthma Action Plan
  • Secondhand Smoke
  • Lung Function and Care
  • Anaphylaxis Risk and Danger
  • Asthma Control
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Smoking Avoidance

"Asthma Blues"® Combo Special

Buy "Asthma Blues II"®  and get the original "Asthma Blues"® as a combo special!
Be empowered and entertained with evidence-based comprehensive asthma education for $19.95!

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